My Journey to Wellness

My Journey to Wellness

My Journey to Wellness began with, well, not being well.

After years of searching and over 50 Dr.s visits I had given up.  I knew in my heart of hearts it was the end of the line for me.

Praying to die for days on end, didn't result in the desired outcome at that time.
God took favor on me and chose to not answer those prayers.  He had another mission for me, a mission here on earth, a mission that has turned into passion, purpose and abundance.

God sent to our small town a Dr who knew what was going on with me.  He knew what to look for, and where and how to look for it.

When this Dr called me and asked me how my Faith Was???  I knew I was in trouble.  Happily I answered, "it's as Big as a Mountain, or I wouldn't be here."  He did this, I'm guessing on the day he got my test results back.

After he so easily found what was making me ill I went through a long time of anger.  Anger, that for about several years all of the other Dr.s I had been to missed it.

By choosing to now move forward daily, I have let that anger go and given it to God, where it belongs. 

A huge part of getting better  for me was learning to let go. 
Letting go of anger, resentment and toxins.  The kinds that we can put a name to, i.e. heavy metals, GMO foods, the environment that I was living in and probably the biggest one was toxic people & situations that I was allowing myself to be in and around. 

Let's fast forward to a few years after we knew what was going on with me and the chance meeting with a person that I knew.  She too knew I was struggling with my health and suggested I try a few things from Young Living to support my body systems as she knew I was busy working on getting the toxins and metals out of my body.

I had known about Young Living and had been a retail customer for about 3 years prior to meeting this person with her new information.

The sad thing about being a retail customer was I didn't have a support system with Young Living, or anyone to learn about the products from.  When you move into the wholesale status with Young Living more doors seem to open up.
I had to travel some to find those doors in the beginning and was gaining enough energy to do so by using the products that I was trying.  I now bring that information to others wherever I travel and with anyone who I meet.

With all that being said, I had promised God in my Prayers to make a difference should He chose to let me live. 
I know we're not supposed to bargain or barter time with God, even so I did. 
I was praying for answers...and praying for either life or death, I was no longer interested in the in-between.

As I began to incorporate the Young Living Products into my daily regime of supplements and detoxing, things started to change in a hurry.  I now know, that it is because of the pure plant energy that I was giving my cells and body.  For all of the man made products that I was being told to use and prescribed for years before were foreign to my body. 
My body from all of those man made products was in a fight with itself.  All of my body systems were in an uproar.
Until, I added Essential Oils. 
It was if my body said "that's what I've been looking for." And it began to settle into wellness.  The Journey of a thousand miles, probably closer to a million miles, began with a single step.

What I chose to do with my new found information I believe was the Mission I was left here on earth to do.  For once you believe in something and focus on a goal and in a positive way.  Almost ANYTHING is possible.

I have been told by several Dr.s who have looked at my charts and numbers that I was not long for this earth.
Then I discovered those Messengers that were sent to our small town in the form of a Dr.  and a lady who knew  more about oils than I did, she was a wholesale customer, it really does pay, things began to improve quickly. 

Today I still visit with that messenger/Dr about health, wellness & essential oils...and guess what?  He now uses essential oils too.  How COOL is that?  

Next month I'm flying to Houston, TX to work with another Dr who uses Essential Oils in his practice.  JUST what my body is looking for, and with his knowledge, I'm going to fine tune what I'm already doing ~ I'll be sharing much more about that journey in the near future.

The short moral of this long post is ~ Never throw in the towel with God.  Never give up...and keep looking until you find someone/s & something that can help you on your Journey to Wellness.  I am forever grateful that I have found just that.  Messengers from Heaven ~  Who would have thunk it?

Unanswered Prayers are often the most powerful.

Blessings & Wellness ~ Today and Always,